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The name Chulaya
is inspired by
the Quechua word
´chuyaya´unique, original model
+ blended
with the popular latino word
´chula´ = beautiful.

We are so pleased to have you visit us and tell you more about Chulaya, the flagship project of TULP designs. Creative empowerment has long been a passion that we actively practice through our participatory design work with artisans. Time and again, we are blown away by the creative talents of people, that too often, remain hidden or go unnoticed due to lack of opportunity to articulate or demonstrate it. We also see how empowering the act and process of making really are. We are all born creators. Making, in whatever form, medium or shape, is a yearning for self-expression that connects us to our core, ánd connects us with the world around us and enables us to give it shape.

The idea of Chulaya was born to boost creativity & innovation, a playful DIY/DIWO tool, through a figure known to all cultures (a doll) that encourages diverse ways of creative exploration and experimentation. One structure that provides endless possibilities for making according to one’s imagination, interpretation and design ideas.Chulaya has been conceived as a creative challenge for creators of all levels, including beginners, as she really taps into one’s potential for creative growth.

Chulaya is also a concept that connects generations and cultures by bringing together vastly different worlds of new technologies and age-old artisan textile traditions. Chulaya seeks to inspire and expand the maker’s realm and revision our creator’s journeys.

As a start-up venture, Chulaya´s mission is to spark creative empowerment across generations and to interweave the mosaic of creative diversity that so enriches contemporary living.


Gerry Hofstede

Founder & CEO

Anthropologist with longstanding practice in artisan innovation, concept development & handmade design, Gerry has an unstoppable drive to create for social change, and to unleash people’s creative talents. “Chulaya has changed my life”, says the creator of Chulaya, “she is continually expanding the horizons of our creativity”.

Tess Unami H

Creative Associate

Trainer-coach, artist and psychology student, Tess’ multiple interests zero in on unraveling the human potential. With deep compassion for the well-being of people, especially teens, Tess re-imagines educational systems that bring out the best in people and that embrace innovative concepts like Chulaya.

Gabriela Bernal

Master craftswoman

Longtime and versatile practitioner of textile craft, Gaby is a master in experimentation and in pushing the boundaries of textile techniques. Gaby gladly shares her knowledge and connects experiences to co-create with artisans. Bringing the endless creative and educational possibilities of Chulaya to life, has become her newborn passion.


Telf: +34 691828990

Mail: make@chulaya.com