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Tapping into the creative potential of young people is a pursuit that makes us tick. The earlier this starts the more rewarding the benefits can be, and even last for a lifetime, reason why we care deeply about hands-on learning and maker education. offers maker opportunities that can be opportune for the classroom, as an after school activity as well as a hands-on project for libraries or museums.

If you would like to organize a Chulaya maker workshop in or out of the classroom or as part of a non-formal learning-by-doing initiative, we gladly help to develop a suitable approach that meets your institutional or program requirements. Our CHULAYA SPECIALS CONNECT WITH CONTEMPORARY ISSUES with a possibility to orient the making of Chulaya dolls to local or global concerns or both. Consider for instance focusing Chulaya making on young people´s self-worth and the multicultural city that they live in; hands-on making will not be an end in itself but be a creative stepping stone for debate and reflection on values like diversity and inclusivity with regard for personal experiences or local circumstances. Or think about Chulaya as an open maker challenge to pave the way for reflection and debate on the pertinence of design 4 all and create more awareness about how inclusive the school or community is with regard to age mates that are mobility or otherwise impaired. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Sometimes a neighborhood school or community library needs a customized approach to make 21st century making and hands-on learning really relevant given the particular conditions that they work in.

Chulaya collaborates with institutions to develop customized maker projects that are tailored to a specific educational or community context and preferably serve underprivileged communities. We consider creativity as empowering and pursue hands-on making as an opportunity to influence things that matter to young people: they can quite literally make the impact. Our way of working revolves around cultivating a MaKER MINDSET + MaKER HEARTSET + MaKER HANDSET as fundamentals of 21st century maker culture.

Engaging young people with the physical space around them, is our central point of departure in creating a bespoke maker project; through a real-life challenge, students will gain hands-on practice in collaboratively building and imagineering something that is geared to improving their immediate surroundings: a school space, a classroom experience, a community space. There will be ample room for tinkering and tweaking: after all, playful experimentation is a key element of 21st century skills development. Further, as appropriate, we suggest infusing school curriculum in the maker project so as to conceive a cross-curricular opportunity for hands-on learning; relevant linkages with subjects like math, science, geography and history can be incorporated to suit a particular school methodology.

Young people nowadays are overwhelmingly digital natives with a reduced tactile sensibility; we therefore take great care in proposing and facilitating projects that provide a TACTILE experience and a `feel` of materials. Chulaya maker projects are by definition HYBRID in the sense that they focus on HANDMADE+ craft-inspired innovations that are concomitantly being enhanced by the use of DIGITAL FABRICATION technologies in the school´s fablab or makerspace. We bring old and new together.

With a multidisciplinary background in both anthropology + contemporary design, our participatory design practice is characterized by a cross-cultural approach that seeks to foment INTERCULTURAL capacities as an integral part of the creative process: we continually explore common ground across multiple diverse expressions. If this resonates with you / your organization or program, you are most welcome to contact us.