The imaginative creation of Chulaya maker dolls is unlimited + ageless.


We will just kickstart some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and leave the rest to you. Also, be sure to check Chulaya´s Lookbook that you can download for free.

∞ Just imagine the Chulaya doll as an art doll and the outcome of experimentation with uncommon shapes, innovative materials and bold concepts.

∞ Or picture her as your BFF doll, like a best friend always there by your side.

∞ Or what if the Chulaya doll could be your very own `worry` doll especially made by you to give you comfort and emotional support in perhaps trying times?

∞ Or envision her as your-future-self-doll to reinforce your ambitions and visualize your vision of the future.

∞ Chulaya maker doll can be a fashion doll with all the cool outfits that you could only dream of making and can now actually be making. What if you would make the Chulaya wheelchair doll an inclusive fashion icon of wheelchair users?

∞ Chulaya could also be a contemporary ethnic doll representing cultural diversity around the globe.

∞ Or a green doll entirely made of sustainable materials.

How about making more than one doll and design a combination of the above possibilities?