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There is a magic to making, especially to creating with the hands. The rhythmic repetition of knitting or embroidery, for instance, can be compared to the benefits of meditation. The soothing and calming effects of needle-craft, help to relax and destress oneself and to improve one’s focus and concentration. At the same time, needle-craft is an awesome way to express ourselves and to let our inner (and oftentimes hidden) treasures come out in the open. A lot of WIN WIN.Both the left and right sides of the brain are being exercised; the left side being the more logical, analytical and verbal side, while the right side is more creative, imaginative and visual. And let us not forget to mention the sheer FUN and delight that surround us when we engage in making. It sparks of a playful and exploratory state of mind that gets us used to seeking out new possibilities!

The visual chart below has been developed by StitchLinks and is based on years of investigation. It captures and specifies the multiple benefits of knitting, and sums it up nicely. Knitting in this case is a term that can be understood to refer to needle-craft in the broader sense of the word.

Educational centers that have included textile crafts and maker education in their curriculum, report very interesting results for their students. Other than the win-win that we have already mentioned, they highlight an overall higher academic performance in students that regularly engage in knitting, embroidery, knotting, weaving and the like. It is noteworthy to mention that the betterment in academic performance stands out particularly in the area of maths!