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Welcome to chulaya.com where creativity + hands-on making take the center stage.

The 21st century world craves for creativity. The demands for creative performance are on the rise everywhere. And local-global challenges need the most of people´s ingenuity and resourcefulness across the board.

Chulaya dives deep into what creativity and hands-on maker skills can do for the 21st century. One thing is clear: there is no exclusivity to creativity: we are ALL inherently creative. A simple but inspiring fact is that the more we practice our inborn creative capacities, the more resourceful we become. Cultivating ones` creativity therefore makes good sense and is also very enjoyable, especially when it is done hands-on, that is to say: getting your hands `dirty` and immersing yourself with the world around you, playing with ideas and materials to make something new that did not exist before: a personal creation. And that is what Chulaya´s hands-on maker projects are about. We believe in building creative muscle through hands-on making because in the process, this extraordinary creative asset (always uniquely our own) is kindled and nurtured. CREATIVITY IS IN OUR HANDS!.


Chulaya.com proudly presents the chulaya maker doll + the chulaya wheelchair maker doll. Intended for all makers young at heart, both projects are an opportunity to embrace your inborn creative spirit and hone hands-on making skills. This can be either DIY or do-it—together with friends or classmates.

Why make a doll you may wonder. Well, dolls have been part of all cultures since time immemorial for all ages and with multiple uses, including for play, to ease social interaction, to deal with emotion or as an object representing a culture. Dolls are imaginative vehicles of expression that can be made into whatever we value and care about deeply.

The making of a chulaya doll is a versatile endeavor with infinite and open-ended creation possibilities; rather than a piece-it-together DIY project, it requires imagination from the onset to envision the kind of doll to make. The creator is the one to give it meaning. 

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Living in an overwhelmingly digital world brings with it exciting opportunities of new fabrication technologies. Fablabs + makerspaces are now growing fast in many places around the world, putting the possibility of personalized creation in the hands of whoever wants to make something. Exposure to digital maker tools is indeed essential for thriving creatively in the 21st century, reason why Chulaya making is also digital fabrication: the dolls are lasercut and made in fablabs or makerspaces. Yet, we do not stop there. Unlike other contemporary maker projects that are often technology-based only, Chulaya weaves manual making into the imaginative creation process. The tactile touch of making stuff and feeling materials and texture with bare hands cannot be replaced by digital tools. Also, creativity gets a different and joyful stimulus when molding with hands; ever heard about the expression: thinking with the hands? That remarkable connection between hands + brain has prompted us to embrace a 21st century maker vision that is hybrid: digital fabrication + handmade textile craft combined so as to give shape to Chulaya maker dolls.


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