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21st CENTURY MAKING: Do-It-Yourself & Together

Welcome to chulaya.com, the open source platform for digital natives who are eager to be makers of their own ideas. Chulaya.com offers a unique creator experience that enables everybody young at heart, to hone their maker skills, 100% hands-on.

Do you fancy fabrication, assembling, imagineering, experimentation, customization and design of your own creation? Chulaya is a maker project that engages your hands, heart and mind while combining digital fabrication with handmade textile design.

Chulaya.com offers the digital files of a DIY/DIT doll in two versions (standing and mobility impaired) and also a packaging box, to be fabricated and lasercut in person by you in a fablab or makerspace. Chulaya files are customizable; once created, you can experiment with and apply textile techniques to make a personalized design of fiber craft. Chulaya is meant to be a one-of-a-kind creation that your are welcome to share with our community online.

Chulaya’s design inspiration stems from rich artisan and textile traditions from different parts of the world. Our maker resources include an online eGuide with digital templates of intricate and indigenous handmade design.

The joy of creation has deep intrinsic value and we really wish for everyone to experience this delight! At the same time, the world craves for creativity, and increasingly demands high levels of creative performance. Fabrication + making with the hands is awesome and incredibly rewarding, it builds courage and self esteem, it nurtures creative problem-solving skills and enhances collaboration capacities, all essential 21st century skills. Just go ahead and try! See how it works here.

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